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According to Web MD there is no cure for advanced prostate cancer, going holistic was a logical choice for me. I was driven to think outside the box. Traditional medicine would only buy me time. In addition traditional medicine would have drastically reduced my quality of life. Working with a holistic M.D., I was able to achieve great results in conjunction with traditional medicine. Nine months after radiation my cancer returned. I made some modifications of my holistic recipe and achieved tremendous results. I believe the best way to treat cancer is through holistic medicine. Traditional medicine only kills the cancer that is targeted. The Holistic approach I discovered works at the cellular level and repairs the damaged cells.

Did you know...

  • The medical community only treats the symptoms of cancer, not the cause
  • Traditional treatment weakens your immune system
  • A cancer patient’s survivability improves when taking special supplements
  • Certain foods can help kill or grow the cancer
  • Radiation and chemotherapy actually awaken the hibernating stem cell of the cancer seven to eight years after treatment
  • Incorporating a holistic approach with or without traditional treatment can drastically increase your odds of survival


A 91 year old male, I personally know, with stage 4 prostate cancer, with cancer in his bones was able to reverse it with my protocol coupled with Strontium Citrate. When he last visited his doctor his doctor told him to return in three months. His doctor wasn't expecting to see him again. Not only was he still alive but was in total remission, his bone cancer was nowhere to be seen. Never give up or give in.
PSA drops to the lowest level in 10 years to 0.30 I have also added 50mg. zinc due to studies I have read and healthy prostate cells have zinc while cancerous prostate cells have none.
As my 10 year anniversary approaches next month I am always researching new and amazing discoveries. I have found a dietary supplement for metastatic advanced prostate cancer. It is called 4-MU...
PSA Drops to the lowest level in 8 years to 0.369 in only 7 weeks from 0.86

Ever since LycoPom was eliminated by New Chapter my PSA has been on the rise. My last PSA Blood test on September 15th was 0.86, that was up from August when it was...
I replaced the Lycopom with the following mixture:

A) 1000 mg. pomegranate extract, purchased at vitacost.com online
B) 400 mg. of Turmeric, Gala is the manufacturer
C) 30mg. of Lycopene, you could raise this to 200mg...