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I Beat Cancer Holistically: Protocols for Breast, Colon, Lung and Prostate Cancer

You are probably wondering how you got cancer. No one can give you a definite answer, but it is probably a combination of factors:

Lifestyle, diet, genetics and environment.

I learned a long time ago, you get out the same way you got in. You need to change your diet, lifestyle and actually improve your environment. As far as genetics, some supplements have actually been able to turn off the switch of defective genes.

Do you realize that you are responsible for the cause of this disease? The medical community totally ignores this critical point.

The way they treat cancer is cut, burn and poison. These only deal with the symptoms. Why don't we deal with the cause? The result of traditional treatment is a weakened immune system, which causes a buildup of your free radicals. That is why our cancer treatments results are awful. Now, I am not saying I’m against traditional cancer treatment, what I am against is that it totally ignores the cause.

I am writing this book in order to help extend and save lives. My prior book, Advanced Prostate Cancer and Me, has helped people all over the world, from Cairo, Egypt, to Montreal, Canada. My approach has evolved over a seven-year period, and it is based on my science research as well as what others have conveyed to me with questions and experience. I am also doing what needs to be done.

There are diet books about cancer, but not one that encompasses diet, supplements, lifestyle, mind, and how to use your mind, body and spirit to defeat the beast. I am not a big fan of books regarding your pH. They ignore your mind and soul. Again, not addressing 70 percent of the equation. We are not just a body; we have a mind, which is very powerful. We have a soul, which lives beyond our body.

Finally, I want to address why, if I had advanced prostate cancer, do I have protocols for breast, colon and lung cancer? First, all cancer is caused by the same thing, a weakened immune system. Second, breast cancer is caused genetically by the BRCA2 gene in both males and females, with the male getting prostate cancer and the female breast cancer. They are both a sex hormone cancer. Since my main five ingredients work on all four cancers, I learned that with minor modifications my approach should be effective for prostate, breast, lung and colon cancers. I firmly believe that my five main ingredients should work on most other cancers as well. It can also slow down the aging process, too.

I truly believe that it wasn’t luck that I found these fantastic supplements; I had God working through me and others for me. I also believe it is my destiny to help people beat this beast, and I hope and pray that this approach saves and extends many lives.


A 91 year old male, I personally know, with stage 4 prostate cancer, with cancer in his bones was able to reverse it with my protocol coupled with Strontium Citrate. When he last visited his doctor his doctor told him to return in three months. His doctor wasn't expecting to see him again. Not only was he still alive but was in total remission, his bone cancer was nowhere to be seen. Never give up or give in.
PSA drops to the lowest level in 10 years to 0.30 I have also added 50mg. zinc due to studies I have read and healthy prostate cells have zinc while cancerous prostate cells have none.
As my 10 year anniversary approaches next month I am always researching new and amazing discoveries. I have found a dietary supplement for metastatic advanced prostate cancer. It is called 4-MU...
PSA Drops to the lowest level in 8 years to 0.369 in only 7 weeks from 0.86

Ever since LycoPom was eliminated by New Chapter my PSA has been on the rise. My last PSA Blood test on September 15th was 0.86, that was up from August when it was...
I replaced the Lycopom with the following mixture:

A) 1000 mg. pomegranate extract, purchased at vitacost.com online
B) 400 mg. of Turmeric, Gala is the manufacturer
C) 30mg. of Lycopene, you could raise this to 200mg...