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According to WebMD there is no cure for advanced prostate cancer, going holistic was a logical choice for me. I was driven to think outside the box. Traditional medicine would only buy me time. In addition traditional medicine would have drastically reduced my quality of life. Working with a holistic M.D., I was able to achieve great results in conjunction with traditional medicine. Nine months after radiation my cancer returned. I made some modifications of my holistic recipe and achieved tremendous results. I believe the best way to treat cancer is through holistic medicine. Traditional medicine only kills the cancer that is targeted. The Holistic approach I discovered works at the cellular level and repairs the damaged cells.

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  1. Harold Smage says:

    I am 85. I had an Rp in 1991, I think it was. The PSA was never near undetectable following the op. About three years ago the Psa went up to 1.2 which is high for someone without a prostate. About a half year later it rose to 2.2. I had chest pains got an ECG. xray, bone scan. Since the MD suggested metatastic PCa that is what the interpreter of the scans said certain fuzziness in the scans “suggested” . An appointment with a urologist new to me suggested immediate lupron plus therapy. I fired him.

    Now at age 83 going on Lupron would probably make me a vegetable, ready for the “nursery home”!

    The pains I was experiencing were at the skin surface, and tended to spread and migrate. Doing some checking on the web. I found a physical therapist skilled in treating Myofascial pain syndrome. Her treatment and explanation of how to self treat made life more liveable again. I found a practitioner that was even better at treating this problem (has it herself) and I have been much less bothered by that.

    Of course the bone scans suggested I was entering into dying from PCa, and maybe I will.

    I did not accept the Lupron, fired the uro.

    I searched the web for more info, got onto some PCa message boards. Some men were happily accepting the debilitation of the Lupron with its castration and other debilitating effects. Then I found message boards that explored holistic therapies.
    I even found one that suggested that for 60 years the medical communities only treatments were castration- physical or chemical- but here was a suggestion that the castration approach- while it may postpone death while messing up your life was based on the wrong premises of the nature and cause of PCa. The standard reasoning says Testosterone causes PCa. Instead- it may be that low testosterone with too much of it being converted to estradiol compared to the ratios found in younger men may instead be the cause.

    At any rate, I am now using a number of supplements- including pomegranate, vitamin D, DIM, selenium and others that seem to have the effect of suppressing PSA test level increases and do it without debilitating effects- rather provide good health!

    As I am now 85 I have not bothered to continue PSA testing. The test is not prostate specific, not cancer specific,

    I do have some health problems, including RP caused partial incontinence and much reduced erectile capacity. My blood pressure has been in the current hypertension bracket for 20 years.

    BTW do other 85 year olds tire easily?

  2. Daniel J. Goldstone says:

    Harold Thanks for sharing your story. It only confirms my belief that holistic therapies do work. You are absolutely right it provides good health because it heals the whole body.

  3. Barbara Heikkinen says:

    Dear Dan,
    My husband also has started your book.I have never in 21 years seen him lift a book to read,other than glance a newspaper or skim through a magazine.Miracle in itself.I have to tell you,the change in just the first 3 chapters has me joyous.I have convinced him to now be his own advocate.Your book justified so far,this is what he must do.Thanks to you! I also want to tell you,he has had me get a list of what he needs so it can be ordered to start asap.We have ordered the majority.We are going shopping for the rest tomorrow.I am so excited.He has appointment soon with primary,to discuss his therapy he has started and to chart his 6 month changes since his last check up.Bob is on blood pressure meds,cholesterol,and hoping to change all of this.I started Bob on vitamin d-3 2000- 3000 iu two months ago. His next shot,is in January,I am hoping side effects will by then have him convinced,sickly way to go.The end choice however,I know will be his.He also wants me to help start a journal,collect all his psa’s and treatments.Is this not wonderful? Anyway,this is just a beginning journey to a healthy approach to cancer.I also will be joining Bob with some of your recipe because my body also needs much healing.I will let you know my outcome,who knows you may be able to one day help women with breast cancer. There just might be some real connections to your treatment for this as well.I would love to help my friend Patty who has 4th stage inflammatory breast cancer and receiving hormone therapy after already surgery,radiation,chemo.Also was receiving med through a port in her neck for almost a year now.So much stuff! She hates this hormone therapy she is receiving!

    I will again write when some real exciting things start happening with Bob.
    Thank you so much,and I have to tell you,now maybe I can get a goodnight rest,knowing I am not in this on my own,he finally joined.Almost a good night sleep,I am one of them many women with hot flashes,night sweats,hormone patch doesn’t work quite so well,lol!

  4. Daniel J. Goldstone says:

    I have also increased my D3 to 5000 IU a day

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