hi dan thanks for your book and protocol I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer 12 months ago with extensive mets just had a bone scan no mets no bone cancer at all my psa is dropping was 5000 is now 5 and falling your protocol rocks I’ve had no chemo or radiotherapy thank you john

yep sure the gp that read the radiologist’s report could not believe it and i came home and reread my initial diagnosis which indicated I had mets everywhere skull ribs spine hips femur shins etc it’s the combination of supos you can feel it working i also meditate and pray juice eat healthy and so on your protocol just felt right I’m going to get my psa to undetectable that’s my goal I refused chemo etc because they don’t make sense I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt I’m taking them all forever I also used essiac tea

thank you dan what can I say I’ve referred many others to your book

-John Crouch



Dermot Patrick Brennan I have exactly the same diagnosis and my PSA was 212 in December 2015. Gradually it has come down to 24.1 then 3.6 and 2 weeks ago was 1.3. I am having an MRI in a week to see what progress we are making with the C in the pelvic bone. I am using Dans recommended supplements and fingers crossed the result of my MRI will be good.
Would love to know a bit more about your grandfather’s diet so I can fine tune mine?
Thanks Dermot

Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Research and Personal Journey

Hi Dan, I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for your work and regime. 2.5 years ago when I was due to give birth to my baby girl my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that had metastasized to multiple sites in the bone. His PSA was well over 200. His prospects were not good, being the eternal optimist I researched and found your protocol, he got onto all the supplements and changed his diet. His PSA kept reducing and today he has a PSA of .5 and his bone metastasis has receded. He has defied the odds and has a wonderful bond with his great granddaughter. Thank-you so much for sharing your research and personal journey to help so many! Kindest, Jacqueline on behalf of John Kaytar in Australia!!

i had read your books and followed recommendations

— ive written to you many times–was facing  mastasticising   5 yrs after   prostate removed– –5 yrs no psa–then started rising and cat said enlarged lymph nodes—  was taking supplements  for a month —dr gave me lupron and a pill— was also doing baking soda  and liposomal vit c— now no evidence of enlarged lymph and psa 0—–how do i risk a vacation from lupron she stopped that pill?  how long a vacation? and is psa rise again a signal to go back—hope that the vit c and other regimine keeps it away— would like to get my normal sexual appetite back— also concerned that after 2 years or so lupron will no longer be effective if no vacations—my thanks  to you   and would appreciate your opinions   –

From Chief running Slowly

Looking For Alternative results

If you are using my holistic approach or another alternative approach, please comment on your success or outcome.

From: Rhonda Schwoerer - Date: 12/6/12

I e-mailed you in September of this year with a few questions on your 
protocol and just wanted to let you know that my dad got an excellent report 
from the doctor this week.  His PSA only went up 1/2 point since last time 
tested and it was last tested about a month before he started your protocol so 
we believe it actually went down.  He feels the best he's felt since he was 
diagnosed.  We are so grateful that you took the time to let others know what 
you're are doing.  We are passing the information on and are giving many people 
hope.  The encapsulated vitamin c is helping people with all sorts of ailments.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Why Holistics

According to WebMD there is no cure for advanced prostate cancer, going holistic was a logical choice for me. I was driven to think outside the box. Traditional medicine would only buy me time. In addition traditional medicine would have drastically reduced my quality of life. Working with a holistic M.D., I was able to achieve great results in conjunction with traditional medicine. Nine months after radiation my cancer returned. I made some modifications of my holistic recipe and achieved tremendous results. I believe the best way to treat cancer is through holistic medicine. Traditional medicine only kills the cancer that is targeted. The Holistic approach I discovered works at the cellular level and repairs the damaged cells.